On this page, you will see various feedback I've received and for which the author gave me permission to post. I'll try to keep things organized into "The Good" (positive responses), "The Bad" (negative responses) and "The Ugly" (vitriolic responses).

The Good

This site is very helpful--I am forwarding it to my colleagues. We are the largest pediatric group in the state of Nevada. Every single day I have patients worried about vaccines, or refusing some or all, or spreading them out, thanks to Dr Sears. BTW, I just recently reviewed his alternative vaccine schedule, and waiting on Prevnar vaccine until age 2 is criminal. Clearly some of the vaccines are more important than others, but I can't believe he recommended waiting on prevnar.

Thanks again---this kind of information and countering the dangerous Jenny McCarthy types may literally save lives. If you ever come to Las Vegas I would love to personally shake your hand.

Blair Duddy, MD, Director of Pediatrics, Fremont Childrens Clinic, Las Vegas, Nv

My friend casually mentioned in passing he and his wife had not vaccinated their children (ages 3 and 5) because they didn’t think vaccines were safe, and didn’t trust what was in them. I chatted with him a bit on the phone then on email I linked them to Todd’s site, sent them some information from the CDC, showed them the risks versus benefits. He said he and his wife would read it. This was about 3 weeks ago.

Tonight I received an email saying they just started the children on their vaccinations today. The oldest thought it was cool, the youngest put up a bit of a fuss but was okay.

A big thank you to Phil, Todd, and other posters, as well as other bloggers like Orac, who over the past few months have taught me where to find this information, and have made it readily available through their links. I’m grateful.

Daniel J. Andrews, Wildlife Biologist - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The Bad

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The Ugly

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